Museum Schwerin

“I am interested in ideas – not merely in visual products.”
Marcel Duchamp, 1946

With 90 works, the Staatliches Museum Schwerin owns one of the most significant collections of French-American artist Marcel Duchamp in Europe.
The Duchamp Research Centre was founded in 2009 with the aim of promoting international networking between the Collection Marcel Duchamp Schwerin and other Duchamp collections and carrying out new interdisciplinary research projects.
It is an important goal to redirect and intensify the research aspect of the museum, and to link the practical exhibitions with academic research. Young academics completing Master’s and Doctorate degrees are encouraged to study objects in the collection and to develop their academic projects based directly on the collection.

The Duchamp Research Centre plans exhibitions of works by Marcel Duchamp as well as academic symposia and publishes the Poiesis series. Further undertakings involve: international networking with Duchamp collections and archives, networking with international academics, the development of the collection and the development of an academic library with archives on the topic.

Duchamp Research Centre


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